Geophysical technologies provide sub-surface imaging capabilities that are used in a variety of field applications. Because geology, target properties, and other site specific factors can vary widely, no single geophysical technology will work well in all areas. In many situations, the use of mulitple technologies will yield the best possible target information.

GPR survey to Locate Underground Storage Tanks

The successful application of a geophysical technology occurs when:

  • Objectives are well defined and site conditions are carefully evaluated and used to guide the selection of geophysical tecnologies, survey design, and survey planning.
  • The interpretation inferred from geophysical geophysical measurements are integrated with geologic, hydrologic, and other available information.

GEOVison provides high-resolution geophysical services for many infrastructure applications, including:

Magnetic Survey to Locate Abandoned Oil Wells
Contaminant Source Locations
  • Underground storage tanks
  • (UST)
  • Buried drums
  • Waste pits
  • Trenches
  • Landfills
Indentifying Subsurface Hazards
  • Prior to Drilling
  • UXO
  • EOW
  • Underground utilities
  • Buried objects
Mapping Contaminant Plumes
  • Brines from oil/gas production
  • Solution mining
  • Acid mine drainag
  • Industrial lagoons
Mapping Geologic Features
  • Contaminant Migration Paths
  • Fractures & shear zones
  • Continuity of clay lenses
  • Paleochannels
  • Sand & gravel lenses