GEOVision routinely uses high resolution seismic methods for a wide variety of applications. Recently, we have been successfuly using High Resolution Shear Wave Seismic for imaging buried pipelines in urban areas. This method uses the innovative MicroVib portable shear wave vibrator.

Seismic Refraction P-wave: Refraction surveys are the most cost effective method for mapping bedrock surfaces. Can be performed with both Vibroseis and Impulsive sources.

Seismic Refraction S-wave: Shearwave refraction techniques can be employed to define voids under concrete and re-bar and along pipelines and sewers, etc.

Seismic Reflection P-wave: P-wave reflection techniques can be used to map structures, faults, lithology, reservoirs and mineral deposits.

Seismic Reflection S-wave: Shearwave reflection techniques can provide accurate soil stratigraphy, near-surface faulting, void detection, bedrock topography and channel identification.